Modern leadership is a minefield, yet too many leaders don’t get the support they need to be truly effective. Every week, I’ll give you practical, expert advice, so you can become the leader you always knew you could be.

About Lead With Intention

There’s no easy way to say this.

Modern leadership is broken.

We’ve ruined it by allowing rampant egos to go unchecked. By enabling bad behaviour by not speaking up and challenging it. By empowering the voices of those who already dominate the conversation.

Haven’t you had enough?

It’s time to lead differently.

As a former corporate director and now leadership and careers coach, I’m obsessed with how we can lead better.

I’ve seen too many examples of poor leadership over the course of my career, and I bet you have too.

This substack is for you if you know you’re capable of being a better leader than the one you had (or have) in your career. And if you’re committed to doing the work in order to get there.

Each week, I’ll give you practical, expert advice and tips on how to be an effective leader. I’ve been there and learnt so much along the way, and now I help others become the leaders they know they are capable of being.

These tips are designed to make you think, but they’re practical too. You can implement them immediately in your role and see the difference.

This is a safe space to reflect, challenge and question ourselves as we progress on our leadership journey. It provides insight on today’s leaders and coaching and communication approaches, advice and tips for anyone hoping to do it better in the future. There’s no better time than now.

Why subscribe? And how does subscription work?

I’m here to provide you with expert advice on how to lead well. In my day to day role, I work one-to-one with coaching clients (you can find out more about my services here: where we go deep on what it means - and what it takes - to be a great leader.

But if you’re not yet at the stage where one-to-one coaching is for you, this substack is a brilliant and very practical way to get started in your leadership development.

Every week, I’ll give you practical tips and expert advice you can really use. Along with a dollop of humour, some great book recommendations and occasionally life advice too. I hope you’ll see this substack as a “leadership expert in your pocket”.

Here’s how it works.

For paid subscribers (£5.00 per month): weekly newsletter “Lead with Intention”

Every Thursday morning, I send you one email packed with practical strategies, tips and advice on becoming a better leader.

In each email, I break down:

  • A summary of the framework or tips

  • How it works

  • Why it works

  • How you can implement it immediately in your role

  • What you can expect in terms of benefits

Super practical, focused and tangible - so that you can start reaping the rewards immediately and make progress on your leadership journey and in your career.

All for about the cost of that coffee or two you get every morning. Paying for this could actually make you money if you take the advice on board and implement it in your role, how about that?

Additional features and content for paid subscribers

As a paid subscriber, not only do you get weekly, practical emails full of advice, frameworks and tips, you also get access to the full archive of Lead with Intention. I cover everything from imposter syndrome, to being a women in the workplace, to the perils of treating your work colleagues like family and much more. So dig in, there’s a lot to learn!

I’ll also be holding quarterly special events for paid subscribers - think expert group coaching sessions - and book clubs.

Every now and then I’ll run a giveaway for paid subscribers only - perhaps it’s a leadership book I really recommend, or maybe even a free coaching taster session with me.

Free Subscribers - you will get access to occasional public posts. I value my worth, my writing and my advice, so hopefully you’ll see the paid option as brilliant value for money.

Founding Member - if you want to get the most value from me and my 20 years of leadership expertise, you can become a founding member. For £195 annually, you get access to all of the paid subscriber content and events, plus a one-to-one 60 minute coaching session with me.

About Me:

In classic middle child style, I’ve spent my life trying to be heard. And I didn’t always get it right. Especially earlier in my career. Outwardly, I was a confident and trusted leader in the communications and PR industry, managing agency teams, budgets and tricky clients with if not aplomb, then with at least efficiency and drive.

But on the inside, I really wanted to lead with more purpose. To not micro-manage my team to within an inch of their life (yeah sorry about that guys!), but to engage them and lead with purpose. With clear intentions, collectively designed by us (not just me), that would guide our everyday work and our extraordinary performance. I could see it. I just couldn’t get there. It took a switch into an in-house Director of Communications role at an NHS trust, where lives were literally on the line, to challenge my thinking around what good leadership should really look and feel like. The stakes were just too high to ignore any warning signs.

This is tough stuff. It’s hard to realise where you may be falling short and even more challenging to take the first step towards growth and development. But for me, taking advantage of executive coaching changed the way I viewed leadership and leaders. And set me on my course to qualifying as a leadership and careers coach, where I work with people like you, who know they can be great leaders with just a little help and support.

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Leadership Coach for emerging and aspiring leaders, former board-level Director of Communications | Professional Advisor to Organisations and PR Agencies | CIC Trustee